Mr. Isaac Powell of Prime Factors Developmemt

This website is shut down because you broke your payment agreement

Endeavor applications memorandum of understanding






Website services


August 20, 2016





Hello Isaac,

Friday we hashed out what looks to me like a sound and rational working agreement.

My company Endeavor Applications will develop three websites for your company Prime Factors., and Development of is underway, you approve of the direction I have taken in the launch of this website and will provide content to further its development. Website two the existing will be developed into a content distribution center. Website three the Prospective Homebuyers Association of Los Angeles is a gateway site to collect and inform, organize and resource prospective home owners in the Los Angeles area.

Invoice 100144 has been paid in full, you also have invoice 100143 to cover the next eight hours of programming labor plus an additional four hours programming labor at no cost to you. Endeavor Applications is also providing Web Hosting for the three websites at $70.00 per year for each website, the first year cost $210.00.


Eight hours website programming


Four hours website programming no charge


Three, one year web hosting at $70.00 per year


Please prepare a check to Jai Gaines for this amount


Moving forward you wish to be billed on a monthly basis. To accommodate you I need from you an invoice due by date and a check generated by date. We can meet on an as needed basis, in person, on the phone on the internet regarding work flow matters. All content posted on your websites is subject to your approval. The way, manner, security and format your content is delivered in is the responsibility of Endeavor Applications.

Please address any errors or potential omissions of correct understanding in an as timely as possible manner by phone, text or email at your discretion.


                                                            Endeavor Applications, thank you, for your business


You still owe me $270.00